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Delight your senses with our exotic and beautiful Hawaiian flower oils. Alluring, sensual, pure elegance. These oils can be worn as a fragrance and are also available custom blended in most products. We have chosen these oils for their distinct scents and their therapeutic properties.



A soft sweet and gentle scent, amber is calming, meditative, and spiritually uplifting.



This sweet flower resonates feminine grace, joy and beauty, the gardenia is uplifting, relieves stress, and calms irritability.

Hawaiian Rain


A tropical shower fills the air as the mists breeze by, with this beautiful, light and clean fragrance. An essential blend.

Kauai Rainforest


A fresh green scent that resonates the smell of the air in a tropical lush forest. An essential blend.



This versatile wonder oil is very calming and soothing, and is an anti inflammatory, aids in healing burns, sun damage, and scars. It can also be used as a disinfectant, insect repellent and a respiratory stimulant. Try a few drops on the temple to banish a headache. Place a couple of drops on your pillow for insomnia or a peaceful sleep.

Linden Blossom


Also called Lime Blossom is delicate and sweet, yet so complex that you'd swear you are sniffing a blend of several scents. This amazing smell is so fresh and green you can't get enough. It opens the heart and is used in meditation.



This sweet and pungent fruit is very highly regarded for its medicinal power. It is used for nervous irritation, headaches, restlessness and as an anti inflammatory. It also has been known to relieve psychological pain and trauma associated with fear and grief.



Means both peacock and jasmine in Hawaiian. The flower was named by Princess Kaiulani who adorned herself with necklaces of the sweet and exotic flower. She compared its beauty to the peacocks in her garden, Also known as the Hawaiian wedding flower. Pikake has many therapeutical uses. It has been known to penetrate and diminish fear and recapture self confidence, balance hormones and as a sensual aphrodisiac. Pikake says Aloha, one whiff and you'll be addicted. (This has been my favorite scent; I have worn it for many years and still can't get enough. When traveling I am always stopped and complimented on its intoxicating smell).



Fresh and light this flower impacts a sense of innocence. Very therapeutic for those working on self esteem, for it inspires joy, hope, and love. The traditional lei flower of Hawaii.

Pua Keni Keni


The Pua tree was introduced to Hawaii in the 1800's. The Hawaiians called them 10¢ flower because 1 flower sold for 10¢. This tropical flower is a sophisticated combination of both sweet and fresh. When made into leis the smell is intoxicating.



This rich, woody oil brings calmness and stills the mind particularly in meditation. It balances both dry and oily skin. South Pacific sandalwood is more tenacious because it has a higher percentage of saratols. A native of the islands, Hawaii was once known as the "Sandalwood Mountains" since they forested the islands and were highly believed as mythical.



A very heavy and intense white floral fragrance. This powerful aroma boosts the spirit and brings tranquility to the mind. Tuberose is also known to relieve stress. Exotic, passionate, and sensual.



Since the 1800's vanilla has been used as a remedy for fevers, to reduce stress and anxiety, also as an aphrodisiac. This sweet and warm aroma is very calming and comforting. Studies have shown vanilla to evoke pleasant  childhood memories. Simple,soft and pure, vanilla is used as a base note for many perfumes.

White Ginger


This subtle yet spicy floral calms and cools your mind, while the vibrant smell elevates your mood. A delicate flower that is exquisite and alluring.